Airplay 2 troubleshooting tips


I’m trying to use AirPlay to play to a WiiM Mini airplay device. If I set my system default audio to play to it it works fine, but when I select the WiiM Mini in the “Output” settings or in the pop-up control panel in the app it just plays silently.

I’m testing with playing an Apple Lossless file. (ALAC)

I see that some other posting say it won’t work if the Airplay target is “in use” by another program. I don’t think this is the case, but is there any way to verify that?


Thanks for reporting!

Please check if the number of outputs in the VOX app corresponds to the actual number of outputs, literally saying if you trying to access an output via VOX that is available to the system.

You may also try using a Hog mode in Preferences…> Advanced> Hog mod, a reboot of the devices might be needed, in case you are seeing “in use” by another program notification


Did you ever get this sorted?
I have the same issue. Vox says it’s playing, but the Wiim app says there’s nothing playing…