Adding new music causes Vox to crash


I’m running Vox version 2.3.15 on IOS 12.4.1
I am using Vox as a replacement for my iTunes Player on my iPhone 10max
No other music sources besides iTunes are signed in or being used.
I have a Vox subscription which is signed in and up to date.

The glitch occurs, when a new song is purchased through the iOS iTunes Store.
It will download the song correctly to the stock iTunes Player, and I will show an album/song slot for the new purchase in the Vox app. However, the message “no tracks visible” appears when the album is selected in Vox.
Once a new song is added from the iTunes Store the “loading” bar at the top of Vox (the little dotted line that scrolls) will not go away, iTunes library in the menus constantly says “loading” and about 2 minuets after opening the app it freezes and crashes. The only fix I’ve found is to reinstall the Vox app each time a new song is purchased

Any help with this would be appreciated greatly!