Adding and deleting songs from Windows is a mess


I just got a Vox subscription to try it out. In principle it’s great, but adding and removing tracks is very buggy. I’m using Vox Universal on Windows 11 to upload music and I have the Vox player app on my phone (iOS 16). In just a few days of experimenting, I’ve had the following happen:

  • Uploaded tracks, they show in the library in Vox Universal but not on my phone
  • When uploading larger folders (few dozen to a few hundred tracks), it uploads most of the tracks quickly but then randomly stalls at some point and won’t upload the rest
  • Selected a small folder to upload, it started uploading hundreds of tracks which weren’t in that folder
  • Most annoyingly: I delete songs from my library with Vox Universal, and they’re shown as gone on Vox Universal, but still show up on my phone (making it impossible to start over with a “clean slate” after a failed or half-completed upload)

For now I’m cancelling my subscription, but I hope to resubscribe later if these issues are fixed. Vox is a very promising service that does exactly what I want – upload locally stored music to a cloud server in high quality, so I can stream it from my phone – so I hope it will be working smoothly sometime in the future. (Of course I understand you have bigger problems to deal with now in the home of Vox)