Add Spotify integration to Mac VOX player app


If it works on the iOS app, why can't it be done for the Mac app?


Hey Benjamin,
Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately, Mac and iOS are different platforms and we can't just copy and paste it from iOS to Mac... Believe me, we tried! :)
It will be implemented in Mac app too, but a little later.
Stay tuned!


Can't you just use the Web API? I doubt Spotify is going to release a mac SDK. 

Benjamin Rood

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As I wrote above "It will be implemented in Mac app too, but a little later."
Nothing is impossible ;)


Hi guys,

Is there an ETA on spotify integration on Vox Mac?

I’m really looking forward to being able to use Vox EQ with Spotify on my mac.




So I am not at all understating how difficult this probably is.

But any updates on timing for Spotify integration on the Mac?

Cheers and best –


Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for your comments, they really help us to indicate what is needed to be done.

I have no news to share at the moment, but requests are collected and we are considering start developing as soon as it will be possible.



If you have downloaded Spotify tracks on native, you will find that these files are in OGG format, which means Spotify songs are encrypted by DRM technology, we can’t directly play them on Mac apps. If you would like to sync Spotify songs to Mac media players, AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Mac is the best tool for you, it can help you convert all your Spotify streams to MP3 then you can play them without limitations.


To play spotify songs on vox player app on mac, you just need to download spotify music as mp3, then you can play the mp3 files on vox player easily.


The trouble to me about Spotify Music is about how to convert Spotify to MP3 and play on Android phone. We know all Spotify music are DRM protected, you have no right to play it offline or download with free account. Fortunately, now we can use Spotify music converter to remove DRM protection and convert to multiple compatible formats with lossless quality. The most important tip is all free Spotify users can download and play Spotity offline on any devices.