Add my radio Station


This is like my 3rd request for this station to be added. 107.7 The lake.


This station is commercial free and in HD. It is excellent. I am a lifetime member
and need this added to IOS and the Mac version.

I would be happy to pay you to add it.


I posted this request a few weeks back... I can't find it anywhere. The favor of a reply is asked for...



Hi there!

Sorry for so long reply. Your post has been in moderation for a while...

The problems is that we can't use the link you've provided us with to add to our Radio DB, as the link is not a direct one and couldn't be opened in VOX.

If you will find a correct link, please share and we will add it to our DB.

To check if the link you are looking for can be opened please follow the instructions below:

Open VOX on you MacBook.
Press: Command +U

You will see the opened window above the VOX app.

Paste your URL into the window and press OK

If it will start playing, means that the link is ok.


Station Name: Armageddeonmusik


Website URL:

Stream URL: -

Country: U.S

Language: English

Description: Your One Stop Reggae / Dancehall Station Where The Difference Is Clear

Banner URL: