Add music from iCloud Drive (Files app)


Is there any way to add music already on the device (either iCloud Drive or just the local storage)?


Thanks for your post!

You can add your local tracks or tracks stored in iCloud Drive into VOX app`s Library, using iOS Share functionality:

Locate the audio file you would like to add > use 3d Touch (Force Touch) to open a context menu > Share > More > Copy to VOX app.

Now, files will be stored inside the VOX app and will be displayed in VOX: Library (you can use “Only Available Offline” or “File Sharing Items” toggles filters, to hide other files, synced from iTunes, or VOX Cloud, Spotify, etc.)


So if I have 20GB of music in 100+ folders, I need to manually browse each folder and copy each file to Vox? And then, after all that manual work, I’ll use another 20GB of space, even though I already have all those files on my device? :smile:


It sounds like too much work.

However, this hint may still work fine for smaller libraries!

If you have at least 10+ folders full of music files we would suggest using VOX Cloud (to save storage, since you will be able to stream directly from VOX Cloud)

Either, you may try to use iTunes sync capabilities, you can learn more from these topics: