About carplay issue


It is great that VOX can support carplay. I really love it! The small problem is that when you hit the virtual buttons of shuffle or repeat mode on my car screen, they don’t work. I don’t think it’s my car’s problem because it works fine with apply music and google maps. Is it possible to fix that?



Thanks a lot for your post and reporting an issue.

Few questions:

  • Which version of VOX app are you referring to?
  • Are those buttons work fine using your iOS device?
  • Did you try to re-associate VOX with CarPlay?

  1. version 2.3.9.
  2. Buttons work fine on my phone.
  3. I tried, but no change.


please help me…


I have the same issue :disappointed_relieved:


Same issue, and I have the latest update.

They work fine on my iOS device.

Yes, I tried reassociating VOX with my car.