Would VOX works for me?


Hello there

I have a Mac mini where I store all my music. I have a MacBook Pro which I use to sync my music with iPhone Pro, via iTunes. Both Mac uses Mojave.

I would like to use VOX instead of Music on my iPhone as 77 songs were not transferred. For that I converted my musics with XLD to ALAC.

My music collection is mainly FLAC & some DSD.

I don’t want to use Cloud.

  1. Is it possible to transfer songs from the mini to VOX iOS app without using Cloud, preferably by plugging my iPhone to the mini with a cable, rather than using wifi?

  2. Do I need to buy the subscription?

  3. Is there an efficient sound levelling option available?

Thanks in advance for your help.


No answer? I won’t use VOX, then. Problem solved.


Thanks for your post!

VOX can play FLAC, DSD (via PCM), ALAC and many other audio formats, you can see a full list here: Which file formats can be played in VOX?

We got a couple of ways to transfer your music files to your iOS device, you can find them all here: HowTo Upload music to iPhone iPad,

You don`t need a VOX Premium subscription to use most of them (which don`t use VOX Cloud as a storage to transfer your files to VOX).

You can use EQ, to improve your listening experience with your iOS device + VOX app in various ways. Also, we have a volume booster, which you can use to get a 200% volume boost on your Mac!