Why does Boom 3D not work with VOX?


I heard about VOX from Boom 3D.

I assumed because Boom 3D were recommending VOX that the VOX player must use the Boom 3D engine to create it’s EQ effects.

I have not signed up for PREMIUM yet. While the free version EQ is good it doesn’t have all the cool sounds possible with Boom 3D.

So I launched the Boom 3D app on my Macbook while VOX was playing on my Macboook. Normally when I launch Boom 3D it doesn’t matter what the audio source is, you hear it when Boom 3D activates.

However, with VOX even if I turn VOX’s EQ off, the Boom 3D effects can’t be heared. It’s like VOX is blocking Boom 3D.

Can you explain please?