Why can’t I stream on LTE?


Tidal streams FLAC files effortlessly over an LTE connection - why can’t VOX? Can you guys take a look at the way tracks are buffered? Impossible to play anything over LTE (full bars) without constant juddering. Please advise - this is a major issue.


Any comment??? Surprised I’ve had no reply to this…


Guys. As a paying subscriber I expect at least the courtesy of a reply if I come to you with an issue.

Music does not steam without judder on LTE cellular.

Please reply with any tips or comments?



If I don’t get a reply from you guys within the next 48 hours I am canceling my subscription and you’ll have lost me as a customer.

Sorry guys, if I’m paying for the service I expect a reply.



We would need to collect some personal information to investigate possible reasons that probably could lead to this kind of issues with LTE streaming.

You will be contacted by our tech. support specialist (you may also contact our support desk here - https://vox.rocks/support), to continue the discussion in private.

P.S. If you are willing to get support ASAP, contact our support desk, as it is the quickest way to get assistance.