What's up with the Server (..and website)


Why is it taking 3 hours to download just 38MB to my iPhone (iPhone X, latest iOS and vox software [ios & mac]). Why is it taking 5 minutes just to load the the website when signing in? Its ok, just looking for an explanation and eta as to when the issue will be resolved.



No its not really ok. it’s just another day in the life of a long term Vox customer. It so frustrating. I can’t download I can’t stream my library. Your outbound communications skills suck, yet you have me us (well me anyway) by the (proverbial you know what) because what the hell else I’m going to with by 5TB of flacs. it will take me the rest of my life to migrate to another service… So it would be really really great if you could just make this work consistently for awhile. And Happy New Year to you!


All my high-resolution Rush is here and the lack of service \ not being able to access this music as promised by your service via both MacOS and iOS is adding to my grief. Get it together.


Was all set to listen to my hi-res “Moving Pictures”, and it wouldn’t load! So frustrating!


I just sent this to feedback, I’ve been needing to vent:

I’ve been a patient customer for awhile, for years in fact. I’ve written sarcastic, angry emails over the last two years. I’ve reviewed your replies to me and others like me that generally say "stick with us, we’re a small team, we’ll work with you individually, etc. Yet really, over the last two years, it appears while you’ve made some improvements in the product, the overall RELIABILITY of the service has gotten worse. The cloud service is your primary selling point. For days now your community has not been able to stream or download. And you haven’t acknowledged it? You haven’t responded! Don’t you think that’s outrageous for the number of subscribers you have? I do! Can someone in authority who makes spending and hiring decisions, please respond to this?



Really frustrating. Support sucks. And now even login to loop service doesn’t work for more than 2 days. Fantastic. If you don’t make your service functional, bye-bye!


I’m sure VOX knows if you wish for service to be successful, consistency is the key. otherwise business will transferred elsewhere. They do not seem to applying themselves to this standard.


Hi everyone!

We bring our apologies for the temporary issues that some of our users may experience for the past few days, we are currently fixing some problems on the backend and the technical service is running just now.

Our tech.the team going to get everything back online ASAP.

Please stand by!