Was Gonna go Premium But -No Artwork?


Is premium worth it? Seems like a lot of problems on these forums. I have a coupon for 30% off, but I cannot get support to reply to my issue of no artwork. I have used Kid3 and still cannot drag flac files from my Mac desktop with the artwork. I hate missing artwork lol. Have written support twice with no reply so thought I would try here. Is this no artwork a constant issue with Vox? Thanks


Hi there!

We are currently installing major updates to achieve a general capability improvement. While the cluster is under maintenance service, some issues may still appear.

Most of the actions taken by our tech. team does not influence the users at all.


Thanks for replying. But, not sure what you are saying? Are you saying the major updates will fix the art work problem, or saying the ''actions" that ''don’t affect users" has nothing to do with the art work issue? I just want to know if I can art work to show up in my mac and ios player, then I will purchase premium. Thank you!


The point is that we are installing some new software upgrades all the time lately and generally users are not getting some drawbacks (like missing artworks), while the process is underway and the cluster (which stores/process artworks) is overloaded or glitches due to it.

But sometimes, problems may temporarily appear and your artworks may be not displayed for a short period.


ok. but I have been trying for a week now and not once has art work appeared. It does however appear in the vox dock icon, but not in the player itself (Mac). So if this is temporary I will go ahead and purchase premium, since you say it is being fixed. Thank you.


Uploading files with artwork seems to go through phases of working and not working.

I’ve been subscribed to Premium for just under three months and it’s never worked consistently in that time. The most annoying thing is that there’s no way (for me at least - I use Windows and iOS, so can only upload via the website) to get artwork into files once they’re uploaded, so out of my ~10GB of FLAC files I’ve uploaded, there are quite a few that have no artwork at all, despite it being embedded into the original file. Re-uploading the file does nothing to fix this. Very irritating!


I’m trying to get files I’ve re-uploaded to add the artwork but it doesn’t seem to work, at least it’s not just me, hopefully they’ll fix it eventually.