Vox Uploading Process


I have two questions about. the Vox upload process using the Vox Player for Mac OS.

  1. I opened a new account with a brand new email address and paid for premium. I signed into this account on all my devices including the Vox Mac player and started to upload content.

I noticed that some of the albums I. had uploaded previously using a different account uploaded very quickly, as if they were being matched to existing content in the cloud.

This worries me. Technically a brand new account with a new email address should not cause Vox to match to existing content in the cloud. I do not want a matching service (Apple Music does this and I hate it) - I want my pure, original upload available to stream.

Please clarify how this process works and set my mind at ease that no matching is going on here.

  1. When I upload certain albums, Vox initially pulls other artwork (not sure where from) which may appear for a couple of seconds before reverting to the correct artwork.

Again, this is the behavior of a matching service. We are subscribed to Vox because we want a pure 100% upload cloud service, NOT a matching service.

Please explain the above. Otherwise very happy with the service.




Any chance of a quick reply on this guys? Surely simple enough to confirm either way?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your question.

We use our kick-ass technology to store music in VOX Cloud, it makes possible for our users to upload some files to VOX Cloud really fast.

If you decide to download your music files from VOX Cloud, you will get every byte that was uploaded.

You may not worry about that, or you can check it yourself!