Vox Uploader Windows 10 stopped downloading files ,


About VOX Uploader for WIndows , for some reason I don’t know it does not continue to download files from my Harddisk , about 35 directories are in the queue , 10 are active but no longer downloading files , restarting the program has no effect , restart function has no effect …
What could be the problem ?

After I removed the ten active entries It started the next downloads

From the 25 outstanding directories one didn’t continue to download till the end
Restart didn’t work

It waited for one file

It seems that it is hanging from time to times on one file

Previously missed downloaded folder after being removed and inserted again worked , from my view it has nothing to do with the Directory itself but with the VOX Uploader .

As you can see now it is working well…
Again problems this morning with one directory , here the message

Outstanding files are showing like circling

Another big directory stopped loading

Restart was circling … no affect

Stop and restart the VOX Uploader program continued the download


Thanks for your post!

VOX Uploader is still beta, so some troubles may still occur.

Have you already tried to re-login to VOX Upload and repeat an upload attmept?