VOX Universal Uploads doesn't work


Can you please firstly clearly indicate what is the latest version of the Vox Universal Player. Secondly, the version I have does’t work for uploads. Is this normal? I drag and drop a folder and nothing happens.

Please help I am paying for premium! What is the BEST way, right now, to upload and play my files on a Mac.


Edit: it seems the uploader DOES actually work as my album just appeared in the cloud. There is no progress bar however to indicate any activity which would be a good idea. Thanks.


OK next issue - when trying to add artwork to an album in the universal player it keep saying “this album …already exists” - I am simply trying to add artwork to the album.

Please fix I am paying for premium and this should work better


I have this same issue. It says ‘1 file uploading…’ then nothing happens. I gave up with the Universal app a while ago. It’s a shame as I like the overall layout


Hi- what do you use to upload and do artwork etc?


Devs please can you advise how I get around the “this album already exists” message when trying to add artwork to an album?


Hello I use VOX player for Mac OS to upload songs. My tracks have correct metadata and artwork embedded prior to loading


Its so confusing at the moment tho as they have so many different products. Like we don’t need an uploader, a player, a universal app and a web uploader if none of them really work properly…I too have reverted to the Mac player I just hope they continue supporting it.


It’s worked fine for me but have been having some issues this week! Tracks uploading as ‘Unknown album / Unknown artist’ which they are currently looking into for me. Have never been able to upload using Universal Player


Subscription cancelled. Which is a real shame because the mobile app has a nice UI.

However uploading, artwork etc just doesn’t work and zero reply to emails or support requests here on the board.


From what I understand the Universal app for uploading artwork etc is in BETA at the moment. You shouldn’t have any issues with artwork if you can embed prior to uploading. I use Kid3 on Mac. I agree that the software could be better but the player itself is great


Artwork doesn’t seem to carry over on AIFF files even if embedded, I have to stick a jpeg into the album folder then upload through the Mac player for it to work. Won’t work at all when trying to edit artwork through the Universal Player.

I think I might have been a little harsh above - Vox is a great player and the mobile UI is probably the best out there - way better than most of the streaming services - but there are glitches at every turn and no support. If even support were better and more responsive the whole experience would be much better.


Also have you noticed this - if you have uploaded a particule track / format previously, even from an account which has been deleted - it “matches” the track and does not upload it again. All works fine and it shows up in your cloud library but is effectively matched to a previous upload. Interesting I thought.

Just as long as it’s not matching to other people’s uploads! I want to know what I’m listening to!


Yes I have noticed the artwork issue with AIFF files but think this has been resolved recently. In any case I’m more to upload with JPEG of the artwork in a folder, not a huge issue.

And yes I’ve noticed the upload scenario you’ve mentioned above. I believe it’s to avoid uploading duplicates of the same track / format. However on some uploads (almost randomly) an album or a track will upload almost instantly, or far quicker than it should…like you say - shows up in the library and plays with no issues. There are no doubt quirky little bugs here and there with VOX but the positives far outweigh any negatives for me :slight_smile: