Vox universal immediately crashes when I open


I have updated my Mac to the latest version. deleted and re-downloaded the app. Restarted my computer etc etc. Keeps immediately crashing. If it’s not one thing, it’s something else. Any feedback is appreciated. I have too much music in Vox, so I am stuck trying to make this work.


How is there literally NO OTHER WAY to cancel an upload that is crashing the Vox universal app besides signing out!? What does one do when you literally can’t sign out because * Checks Notes * the app will also crash if you can manage to load it long enough to click Sign out? 60 dollars a year? A solution. ANY solution. Please.


Issue was fixed for like 5 days and now the same thing. If ANYONE could advise, that would be great. I am just talking to myself and paying a monthly fee for it at this point.