Vox on Sonos App



When we can see Vox on Sonos App, its time to Vox join “musicpartners.sonos.com”.
Would be great to open my Sonos App, log in on my Vox Account and have all my library there like the Apple Music or Spotify.

This is a must have on this days, please work on the code to make it happen, even just a version to stream the Vox Library via Sonos App, the rest (manage) we can do on Vox native app.


I second this. It would be amazing to have VOX work natively on the Sonos app, available as a music service.

Despite asking so many times over the years, playing to Sonos speakers using the VOX does not work properly, and playback stops as soon as you navigate away from the app. Such an easy fix but they have never bothered to do anything about it.


in 2017 was is the pipeline, let’s see how many years will take @VOX_Support_Team to see a native VOX library inside Sonos App on their “musicpartners.sonos.com”.


Yes, correct, that functionality is highly considered to be implemented, hopefully, we will finish working on it this year!


Is there any update on this? I have been paying for premium for several years and asking this question almost the entire time with no fix. If this issue is not fixed, as has been promised for years, there is no reason for me to continue to use VOX since Amazon, Spotify, and now Apple Music all offer Hi Res options for a reasonable price. I would prefer to stay with VOX if this will finally be addressed.

When can we realistically expect this problem with Sonos playback to be fixed?