VOX Media controls not working


Hi there,

VOX media controls is not working for me. The media buttons launch and control itunes not VOX. I have the latest version of VOX and the VOX extension.



Hi Mark,
Thanks for using our app!
Please specify your OS, VOX extension, and VOX player versions.
Also, make sure that all checkboxes are enabled in VOX extension.


Hi there.

Same issue sadly:

Mac OS Sierra v10.12.5
VOX preferences v1.3
VOX player 2.8.25 (Build 2899.25.1)





Hi there, I’m using VOX version 3.2.1, macOS High Sierra 10.13.4.
Despite of I configured vox preferences as image below, iTune always opens instead of VOX when I press Play/pause button on my macbook pro.