Vox crashes after 30~60 seconds of playing


I’m using an iphone X with 256gb, iOS 12.1.2. Initially Vox had ~20gb (or more?) worth of music that I copied into it, and Vox played the music just fine. But after I copied another bulk (~10gb?) into it, it starts crushing after 30~60 seconds, both with flac and mp3 files. On my phone Vox is essentially broken now. What should I do?



Thanks for your post!

Please advise how did you managed to import your music to VOX app? iTunes sync, File Sharing or uploaded to VOX Cloud?


File sharing via Itunes. Basically (off my memory atm) Itunes -> iPhone -> Filesharing -> App -> Vox -> Drag and paste


I have the same issue and transfer the files the same way. My iphone xs also gets warm for some reason, warmer than usual.