Vox Cloud Sync Issue


Hello everyone,

I have a problem with syncing in Vox Cloud.
I manage my libraries on my Mac and add my musics to the Vox Cloud using the app.

When I do so, it take between 20 hours and 3 days to appear on my iPhone !
The only way for it to be instant, is to log out of my Vox account iPhone and log in, but when I do so, it deletes all my downloads on my iPhone and I have to redownload my thousands of songs…

Is there a way to refresh the Vox Cloud on my iPhone ?



Thanks for your post!

Actually it should happen faster, ~1min or so if it worst scenario, please advise what internet connection are you on? LTE or WiFi?
Have you tried to simply re-boot VOX app instead of re-logging?
Do you upload your music files into Synced Collections or in VOX Library?



I tried Wifi - 4G and wired, still does the same.
Yes, I tried to re-boot vox app on every devices but nothing does it.


Also, I do it in Synced Collection.


I have the same issue too and get pissed off already. I am a person who will add songs to my synced list constantly and I always need to wait to have the songs on my iPhone until the end of the world. I have signed out my account on iPhone and logged in again to achieve the latest synced list finally but all my downloads are gone, then not it goes back to my very first issue - can only download 6 songs per time on my iPhone. Looks like they never treat the technical issues seriously


I am also having the same issue. I have waited for multiple days for a synced collection to sync and have not been able to see the updated files. I have tried restarting the app and clearing the cache on the app. I would appreciate to know if there is some way to force a sync or some workaround.