Vox Cloud remember deleted tracks

  1. I had uploaded album in VOX Cloud.
  2. I delete it from VOX Cloud.
  3. I have changed album covers in each song (MP3 Tag).
  4. I have uploaded album in the VOX Cloud again.

Result: I see my album with old cover. It looks like the Cloud remember deleted songs and when I am uploading them again it doesn’t upload it, but just use old versions.

Expected behavior: my album has new cover.


Thanks for your post!

We are going to conduct an investigation to get to the roots of this issue, please reply to my questions so I can be more specific in helping:

What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
What are the audio formats of the file you’ve mentioned?
Can you provide us with some particular Album, you’ve uploaded to VOX Cloud, so we could check what could have gone wrong?
Can you also send as a screenshot of the new artwork, so we could see if it is not what we have stored on our servers?


Ok, Here is a folder with two mp3 files: https://yadi.sk/d/UlNpw1okUIDq1Q

First one: Night bus. night_bus_tags.png - screenshot from editor with cover image. night_bus_ios.jpg - screenshot from iPhone - without any image.

Second one: Breaking away. breaking_away_tags.png - screenshot of tags from mp3 tags editor. breaking_away_ios.jpg - is a screenshot from iPhone - with old image.

I have tried to upload files with windows uploader program and mac os application (last version app and last version of macos).

All files you can find by the link in this post.

p.s. I have tried to clear cache in iOS application and logout/login in iOS and Mac OS application. But nothing changed.


@VOX_Support_Team, any news about my problem?


@VOX_Support_Team, i still have this problem


Sorry for the late reply and thanks a lot of your follow up.

We’ve made some changes to the on the backend, please try to do the following:

  • Completely remove your music files (with old covers) from VOX Cloud using VOX Music app for macOS
  • Re-upload them again to VOX Cloud once again using VOX Uploader or VOX Music app
  • Switch back to your iOS device and perform a re-login

If the mentioned above doesn’t help, we will need to collect some additional details, please reach our support desk directly - https://vox.rocks/support and provide them with an e-mail associated with your VOX Account and effected Albums\Tracks - they will fix it for you.


Thank you for your reply. I deleted songs, reuploded them and logged off. But the promlem the same.
Created message to support.


I also have this problem. I deleted my entire library yet my VOX cloud still says 8 gb is uploaded. I believe this may be the saved data. Is there a way to reset my library entirely?


Please submit a ticket to our support desk - https://vox.rocks/support and include an information about an e-mail associated with your VOX Account and effected Albums\Tracks.

If you need to reset your library, they can do that either.


Hi, I requested the library reset and the problem still persists, as when I upload the files again, old artwork and tags from the previous upload still displays.


Thanks for your post!

It might be caused by the Artwork caching functionality. Please try to clear your local Artwork cache (Edit>Clear Artwork Cache) or re-login to VOX app using your VOX account.

Tell us how it goes.


hi, i tried this method and it did not fix my problem. is there a way i could switch accounts & emails and have an entirely new cloud associated? the issue is really bothering me and i would like to upload my files again. I would be fine with the expiration of premium on the same date in December 2021.


Yes, we can do that…however, personally I believe that there some other ways to get it resolved. Please create a ticket on our support desk or stick to the created ticket to get assistance on this matter.