Uploaded Folders going to Untitled Album



I am a Vox Premium subscriber. I have the Vox app for Iphone and the Vox Uploader program. I have a PC.

My problem has been this-

All of my music is arranged in folders on my hard drives. Most of these folders are 500MB- 1 GB in size. They are FLAC files. My initial uploads to the Vox cloud all went well- the Vox app recognized each folder as an individual album. However, I tried doing some more uploading to the cloud and everything was being dumped into the Untitled Album folder. I tried to see what happened when I checked the collections tab- and then I did find the named folder- but the songs were in the wrong order (listed alphabetically). I don’t know how to rearrange them on the phone app.

So, obviously something went right yesterday and wrong today. Do I need to tag my folders in a specific way to get them recognized as albums? Thanks- most of what I am uploading are live concerts, so it’s important to me to have them as albums in the correct running order.



Thanks for your post!

VOX is designed to be an audiophile’s vinyl shelf, structure-based on ID3 tags and bitrate, so if your id3 tags are OK - they should get to the right place in your VOX Library.

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