This is becoming a deal-breaker


Ok guys. Let me just say this. Vox is my favourite player and I bought it a long time ago. So I'm a customer, right?

You see, I've been with you for some time now. I accepted the buggy beginnings, even paying for that radio option multiple times because of some of your technical problems. I didn't mind that, I liked the player.

Today I updated and - even if I am a client and have bought some of your features (app, radio, even some months of cloud service) you seem to give back nothing. How is it possible to buy an app with EQ and audio units for example, and upgrade it to an app which is now free and without eq? :)

This is not right.

Please provide me with some feedback as to your intent to just throw away your former customers. If that is the case I'll just delete the app.


Good point. Same experience here. I was thinking about how to react but this is what it's about. I also think the new pricing is a little out of range. And still no dedicated app for iPad.



I also understand that apps are now ecosystems that are supposed to grow
inside one's OS and transform the user into a subscriber rather than a one
time purchaser. All apps do that now and it's cohesive with quality apps
and support. I'm okay with that. But all other apps do it through adding
features, not removing features which are already purchased.

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And yes, the price. I would be willing to pay, of course, but the price for
one year is more expensive than Traktor Pro 2 for life.

Alin Matei

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Same here....I paid for this. Now I have to pay again for features I already had? fail


I thought I was the only one, guys,with this problems, but I'm looking, there's a whole party.
I bought a radio for 15 bucks, I bought an app for ios for 5. I'm a CUSTOMER, right?
Now I got an update that just does not play all my DSD files, there's no equalizer either.
And the support service simply ignores the fact that I sent a receipt for payment as confirmation.
Give me back my activated version 2! I do not want your updates, thanks!


Same here. I've been a user for a long time, purchasing the radio feature and tweeting praises for Vox. I have never reverted an update so fast in my entire life. I hope they rethink this model very soon. Too bad.


Same here! Old VOX user, bought radio feature and now what??? I deleted 3.0 from AppStore and just installed 2.8.30.
Give back activated version 2 in AppStore!!!


Are we scammed??


Mio says "are we scammed"? Yes, I do believe so.


Now have very bad feeling from this program. Wont' use again.


@Original Poster, have you tried the "restore purchases" feature built into the app?

Also, there is known bug with the radio that is affecting premium users and Vox is going to be releasing an updated version of the app to fix that issue. I wanted to mention this just in case the bug I experienced is related to the issue you are experiencing.


Vox is now a virus. When I say Vox, you say VIRUS. Vox. VIRUS. Vox. VIRUS.


VOX 3.0 bad, bad and more bad, deleting and back to version 2.8.26.
Sorry VOX.


Wow, Just updated Vox, it rev'd to 3.0 and I lost paid for features ???

I would have gladly paid for an upgrade, but did not expect such a subscription. This will make me think do I want HD audio service subscription or just a player with cloud storage that is redundant to my current storage. I do not use the extended features and cloud storage enough to pay for a subscription.

Sorry I have to downgrade to Vox 2.8.26 and live with the few bugs I was about to report.


"reverted an update"? How does that work?

Alin Matei

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Also Radio and Iphone purchaser and long time user.

Similar feelings - Vox not picking up artwork from tags for collection view but showing in mini-player and in dock after upgrading to 3.0

Immediately downgraded to 2.8.26 - All artwork back in collection view.

Also no "Upgrade to Premium" Orange nag-ware in the player and EQ for free.

Too much unneeded functionality for me and way too high a price for what I do need - mostly playing local files.

Shame but it seems like time to start looking for a new application…


Seriously, Copporterino, what did you expect with that kind of dick move ?


"Dick move" - good description. Getting greedy there Coppertino. First, the idea of a subscription is joke. Next, the prices are a very rich punchline (pun intended)! Did you guys hire some failed digital product exec or something? I've reverted to the previous version and when that ceases to work I'll use another player, thank you very much. I apologize for my language but there is no other way to put it: Coppertino has it's head up it's ass.


You can download the previous version (2.8.26) from here:
I found this link quite accidentally on reddit.
I corresponded with the support service TWO DAYS and they did not bother to give me this link! Customer support, after all. wrote that they found the root of all troubles, we must wait for the update and become silent.
Obviously, the root of all problems is legal users :)