Start FRESH with Loop


I’ve recently upgraded my music library with higher bitrate files, but now there are tons of doubles on Loop that I can’t eliminate. I also can’t find a way to “delete Loop” so that I can just start over. If there is a way, please enlighten me. If not, then could you folks at Vox just delete my Loop files for me?

Thanks (and I love the Vox product),



Thanks for your post.

There is no such feature (to delete all uploaded) is introduced at the moment.

Hence, you can delete your music files using the macOS device and VOX app. Select an Artist or Album to delete all songs there! You can select a couple of them (hold Shift) and delete approx. 5-10 Albums\Artist in one go!


Thanks for the reply, but your suggestion is not really workable as I have over 1,500 artists in my Loop. Can’t you please just delete my Loop so I can start over?


Its been a couple weeks since I last wrote to Vox to ask about my library deletion. As a Premium subscriber, I would hope for a faster reply, but in any case, what’s the status of my request?



The task is already set to a dev. team. But, we will follow them app to speed up the process!

May I ask you to reach here once again, when you see it is done?