Sound weak on Vox


Sound is kind of weaker on Vox on all platform versus playing FLAC files via internal hard drive or external hard drive.

Someone noticed the same thing?

@VOX_Support_Team is there a workaround on this? Why is this happening?


Thanks for your post!

What do you mean “weaker”? We would really appreciate some additional details.



That sound is not as loud versus when I play my FLACs from my mac drive or external ssd.


Thanks for the explanation!

Do you use the same music files for playback, from your mac drive and external SSD?


Yes. Exactly the same with the FLACs I play on Vox.


May I ask you to reach to our support desk: and share some of the original files with us, so we can do testing with them on our hardware and provide you with the proper answer.

Just upload those files somewhere - Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive or for example - (also, you may upload those files to VOX Cloud) provide them with a link to download the files (or Artist\Album\Track name).

Thanks for your cooperation!