Sorting Features


New to Vox and purchased a 1 year subscription. Upon scanning the forum, I see that there is no feature to organize files by date added on the mac desktop application. Is this true? I would very much like confirmation.

If this is not a feature, it is crucial that this is integrated into the interface.


Agree. I’ve been begging for this basic and easy to integrate feature for more than a year now. I really don’t understand their priorities.


I agree, that would be very useful.


I’m also new to Vox and purchased a 1 year subscription.
Unlike on the iPad I can’t sort my music by date added.

Well that makes me worrying that I’ve had thrown my money into a dead product… :-/


Thanks for your posts.

VOX actually has a Recently Added list, which contains your Albums or Artists that have been added recently.

Yes, it is not the “Sort By: Recently added” display option for the whole Library, like on the iOS version of VOX, and we know that.

Your requests are highly appreciated and considered by VOX Team. We will definitely add such functionality to VOX for macOS in the future updates!

We already got such an option introduced in a new ReVOX music app that is going to be released soon.


The Release is “Soon”?? wheres the Beta? did I go blind and miss it?!?


This request has been “highly appreciated and considered by VOX Team” for I don’t know how long. Years? Same goes for the announced ReVox. If you use Vox, you have to accept that this is what it is. I do not expect any improvements.


Don’t take the “soon” too seriously. These guys posted in the app store review comments, recently, that they were going to have a replay gain feature in the app “soon”. That feature has been requested on these forums for almost two years. Just one example.

I get that they have a small team and they are slow… I sympathize… but they also have a history of promising various features “soon”. So, don’t get too excited about ReVox yet.