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Thanks for the follow up.


Hi Everyone,

A new version of VOX for macOS with Sonos fix is available on our website! Download here:

We are looking forward to your feedbacks!


I have tested 3.3.8. This version isn’t able to send music on my sonos devices. No sound. How can I send you more information in order to solve this ? While I try to solve my bug… you send me emails to buy a part of your company :joy:.

We create VOX to change the way people listen to music and the quality of what they listen to.

I suggest you take things in the right order, don’t you think?

BTW it’s working fine with Roon, Sonos and Airplay2 applications but not Vox.



Thanks for your post. Which Sonos firmware do you have installed?


Play:1 :
Version : 10.1 (numéro 49263270)
Version matérielle :

Play:5 :
Numéro de série :
Version : 10.1 (numéro 49263270)
Version matérielle :

Play:5 :
Numéro de série :
Version : 10.1 (numéro 49263270)
Version matérielle :

Play:5 :
Numéro de série :
Version : 10.1 (numéro 49263270)
Version matérielle :

BTW : In 3.3.8 preferences panes are broken with contrasts and transitions.


Any update after my feedback ? Thanks.



Thanks for the heads up.

Our dev. team is currently working to develop an update with this fix on both platforms - iOS + macOS.

Sonos will be working fine again already in the next versions of VOX app for both iOS and macOS + a couple of new fixes for SONOS from our dev. team!

We hope to release and share a DMG for macOS systems via our website, as soon as possible.

Also, updated iOS\MAS versions will be available in AppStore soon after they pass the review.

Broken Preferences while using Dark Mode should be fixed too.

I will keep you updated.


Just curious about your planned update for iOS and macOS and SONOS.

New to SONOS, anxious to stream Vox on it.



Welcome on board!

New 2.3.11 version for iOS with Sonos fix is already going through the tests and going to be sent on review in App Store really soon.

Stay Tuned.


Dear support team… Do you have any update ? Thanks.



Thanks for your patience. Should be already fixed in the most current version of VOX for iOS app. Check App Store for updates for VOX and tell us if it is all ok now?

MacOS is coming soon.


I see that it’s fixed in the iOS update, but, and hate to admit it, I still don’t see how to stream Vox to Sonos.

Thanks for any information.


Hello, on iOS with the latest version I can see my sonos devices but when selected no sound go through the device. Everything is fine through AirPlay…




Thanks for reporting!

I would suggest to select Sonos device you are going to stream at and press Play/Pause - that might solve the issue.

Tell us if it works?


Yes, by following your instructions, it works now. Do you think it’s something you’ll be able to improve in the future and make it unnecessary to restart the music when you want to send it to the Sonos speakers?

Do you have an idea for updating the MacOS version?

Thank you for your work.


Thanks for asking.

  • MacOS version of VOX app will be coming soon, hopefully, by the end of the week we will be able to releases a DMG on our website, MAS version will be available a bit later, after Apple review.
  • Yes, of course, we are planning to get rid of this bothersome bug in future updates. In this fix, we’ve been planning to make streaming to Sonos on macOS and iOS reliable, and as soon as possible. Our further steps will be to make it more convenient.

Note: You need to do this “trick” with Play\Pause - only once, after each first start of the app. During the session, switching to some other output or Sonos should work fine.

I hope we will be able to include further fixes already in the next iteration of the VOX app.

Stay tuned!


Thanks for your answer. Any update about the release on MacOS ? Thanks.



Both new macOS and iOS is now going through the testing session, hope it will be fast. Once we have that done they will be released ASAP.

DMG will be available on the website in a few hours after the testing process will be over.


Latest update done on iOS yesterday. Plays music fine on my Sonos devices… but stop after around 2-3 minutes… Have you validated that the application can stream to Sonos while in background ? Thanks for your support.


Hello. Any update on iOS and MacOS ? Thanks.