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I have a problem with my new Sonos Connect device. When I try to choose it in the VOX app for OSX, it is not always visible. It seems that it somehow conflicts with another Sonos device I have (Sonos Play:5). I never saw both of them selectable in the list at the same time. Once selected and connected, playback works without any problems.

All other apps (Sonos Own and Spotify) can see both devices at the same time and work fine.



Please share your both OS and VOX versions?
Do you have the most recent update via Sonos controller installed?

Did try to re-boot your Sonos devices and refreshing all SONOS connection? (Outputs > Sonos app (Client))


I have same type of issues…

Vox App MacOS - 3.3.7 Build 3370.0
MacOS Mojave - 10.14.3 (18D109)
Sonos Version 10

Everything has been updated to the latest releases.

When you says

Did try to re-boot your Sonos devices and refreshing all SONOS connection? (Outputs > Sonos app )

I don’t know which application you are talking about…

Thanks for your help.



Sorry for not being clear.
We suggest using a Sonos Controller app to reach all Sonos devices and refresh connections with speakers you have.

Please tell us more about your case, how many Sonos speakers do you use, do you have some paired Sonos speakers?
What is the exact problem that you are facing using VOX with your Sonos speakers?



I have 4 Sonos speakers. 3 Play 5 and a Play 1. 2 Sonos Play 5 are grouped in the Sonos application interface.

In the Vox interface, a Sonos speaker is visible with a large S in front of the speaker name.

Either none is visible, or 1 is visible without it always being the same.

I see the 3 Sonos speakers with an Airplay icon as well but Vox is unable to play music on them when I select them.


Here is a screenshot of what I have.




Thanks for the details. Can you tell what exactly happens when you try to stream your music to one of those Sonos outputs with the Airplay icons?


Nothing happens through the Airplay icons…



What actions can I expect from you?

Your last answer was eight days ago. Are you working on the subject or have you abandoned it?

Thank you for your feedback.



Thanks for follow up.

Yes, we are trying to get to the roots using VOX and Sonos output setup in our lab. I will be back with an update when I will have one!


Thanks for the reply. If I can help…



We really appreciate your assistance here and you’ve already done enough.

QA team is already on it and they seem to have some progress already. The dev. team will get it fixed as soon as they will have a free minute for this task.


I cheer them on every night :wink:


I have exactly the same problem. The Sonos connect functionality in the VOX app does not work with my iOS 12 phone, iMac and Macbook (Mojave). I have 4 Sonos speakers from a Play:1 to a 5.1 Playbase setup but a no 1 moment all speakers are visible in the MacOS VOX app and never in the iOS app. If a speaker is visible than it is for a brief moment, but only when my VPN is turned off. I suspect VOX has trouble finding Sonos speakers in a network. Sonos works perfectly with all other apps. This is solely a VOX issue. All software and speakers are up to date.


Hello Vox team, do you have an update on the status of your work?



Thanks for the heads up.

We got some progress and iOS version of VOX app with Sonos fix will be available for download in a few days (hopefully, as it also depends on AppStore`s reviewing speed).

macOS version of VOX will be released next.


Thanks for the follow-up. I look forward to updating these applications. Have a good week.


Hey everyone!

iOS version with Sonos fix is available in AppStore!

Looking forward to your feedbacks!


Hello. From my iPhone I can stream towards my sonos through the airplay feature not directly from the application as such.

Could you please update us for the macos application ?

If you don’t fix this quite quick… I suggest you that you remove this feature from the premium list of features… This can be likened to misleading advertising.

Sonos Support

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We are currently working on it. Stable version will be released as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Could you please update us for the macos application

DMG version will become available on our website, in a 2-4 days before MAS version (due to Apple review).

I will be back with an update, as soon as I will have something to share with you!