Sonos Connect doesn't work


Your website leads the reader to believe that the Vox iOS app offers similar functionality to Spotify Connect in that Vox can send audio to Sonos speakers. It doesn’t work. Cuts out, Sonos device never appears in the app…etc etc.

I can send audio via airplay but of course that is different functionality.

Spotify connect works flawlessly every time.



We are aware of particular issues connected with Sonos and we are working to get it fixed.

Can you tell me more about your case?
The problem is referring to the iOS device only or both macOS and iOS devices?
Please share your both OS and VOX versions?
Do you have the most recent update via Sonos controller installed?


I have this issue as well - I have Vox 3.3.7
MacOs Mojave 10.14.3
Sonos 10.0

Vox worked once or twice playing on Sonos but never since it’s driving me crazy I wish I had never downloaded your product it’s a waste of time if it doesn’t work on Sonos



How many Sonos speakers do you use simultaneously? Can you share some details about the setup?