Songs skip during playback


I see in the knowledge base about Mac OS problems but nothing in IOS. All my music, both MP3 and FLAC are stored locally on my iphone X. When playing songs from library or collections, songs will skip for no reason, both Flac MP3 and AAC files are affected. I can play the same file in itunes with no skip and then in Vox it skips. This happened on my old iphone 6s and continues on the iphone X running most recent IOS.
Every time an update is released I hope it fixes the issue but each time no joy as the issue is not resolved. Any insight would be appreciated.



Please share your current OS and VOX app versions?

Did you try to re-login to VOX app? Also, please try to clear audio cache (Edit - Clear Audio Cache).


I have tried the clear cache. Version 2.3.3 and IOS 11.4.1
Has this problem been encountered by anyone else. It’s hard to diagnose because there is no rationale for why or when the song will skip. A song downloaded from iTunes would skip in Vox and play flawlessly in the ios music app. Is there any difference in a song being played over Bluetooth vs. the lightning port.