[SOLVED] Vox player sort options are grayed out



As you can see in the screenshot attached, the options for sorting Albums/Artists etc. are grayed out. Is this some feature that can only be unlocked with Premium subscription? Would like to hear from others about this…thanks.

(Another issue: the search function seems quite strict as it doesn’t pick up words that are contained within the file/song name - I have to get it exactly right with how the name starts).

thank you.



Did you try to re-boot VOX app?

You might be doing something in VOX app, that prevents your from changing that filters (like using “Search”).

Fresh start should help here!

Also, you can finish all pending actions previously started in VOX.


thank you - but no luck with those suggestions. Still grayed out. You have not seen this before?

It’s strange…


Solution: I had to be signed in (I was not before) to my Vox account. Strange why it affected the menu options but now they are selectable.