Sharing/exchanging Vox Cloud libraries with others


This is really a VOX Cloud question, but I didn’t see a discussion area for that, sorry.

My question is about the options for sharing music on Vox cloud with others. I am planning to put a large collection of FLAC classic music (from CDs I inherited from my father) onto my VOX cloud account (so I can play it with all my devices, especially high-end speakers via a SONOS connect amp). The path for that is looking good.

But then, I want to give my sister access to the same library, so she can play it on her SONOS system. What are my options? I suppose I could create a VOX cloud account for her, upload the music, and then turn over the credentials to her?

But, that would waste a lot of space on VOX’s servers. What would happen if I just gave her my credentials, and she logged into my account with her devices?

Some sort of “family sharing” mechanism might be best, but the only provision for this I have found from Box seems to be designed just for share individual tracks.

Any other, better ideas? Thanks


The issue here is only you have the rights to the uploaded music, so VOX would not be able to facilitate any sort of family sharing.

Best way is to creat a separate account for her, upload all the relevant music to that account and then give her the credentials to log in.

Or give her the credentials to your account.