Server down at this time


I’ve only just subscribed and am finding the same problems – and I have to say there seems to be a lack of support. Not good enough!


Wow you guys have not yet improved your ability to communicate with us (your most loyal customers±) with any kind of transparency regarding a fix. So here we are over 16 hours since your last post with pretty much the same problems and no reasonable expectations on when things should be fixed again. I’ve been a subscriber for almost 2 years waiting for you guys to improve!!! What’s does it take??? I’ve been more fair than others here that’s for sure!


While I understand your need for individual tickets, you still need to do better communicating en masse to us. Making us write more requests for support isn’t really the best customer service practice now is it?


Hi to Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of attention from our side.

We are doing our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible and deploy all needed updates on the server side seamlessly.

Some progress has been already achieved, but, since the problems with the servers are still there, I can confirm that we will continue taking further actions to get all issues completely resolved and make the infrastructure more stable during higher loads.

I would be glad to provide you with some estimates on our initial tasks, but it will be hard to do at the moment.

However, I believe we will generally stabilize the situation already in a 2-6 hours

We will keep digging deeper to get to the roots and look for solutions to improve the situation ASAP.

Any updates on this matter will be posted here.

Thanks for understanding.


Today sunday 19th is down again. Can’t login from macOS. Yesterday couldn’t upload new songs


Cannot sign in - or, when I do, I’m auto signed out again. Have contacted support but support fail to respond. Feel like I’ve paid for a dud app/service. I am on the verge of writing a damning public review. If ONLY Vox support would COMMUNICATE then maybe we’d all feel inclined to empathise and find a little patience while they sort out what must be proving to be a challenging issue. So over to you, VOX, deal with your customers in a sincere manner or find the trust of your subscribers irreparably broken.


Yes, the last update that it should be generally stabilized in 2-6 hours was 3 days ago.


I have exactly the same problem!


Sorry for such a long reply, we really appreciate your patience here!

The situation was improved and stabilized, we hope to avoid such negative happening to take place again in the foreseeable future.

Issues that bother us all so much, are NOT planned and generally get fixed in a period ~1-8h, unfortunately, sometimes they come back…

We were forced to start unplanned downtime to install an urgent update and improve the situation on the server side, again.

Diagnostics is running right now, probably it might be the reason for the low productivity of the servers.

Hence, login servers should be fine at the moment! If someone is still facing some issues with uploading, you are always welcomed here - on our support desk