Server dead again?


is the server DEAD again? Don’t tell me!
No tracks showing. I signed out -just in case it worked- and I even cannot sign back again.
Please let me know…


Yes. Again. No tracks.


Thanks for reporting.

We had to start maintenance to fix the server-side behavior, seems like some of our web-services had some issues and stop working.

Our is currently working on it!


Really? Again? Honestly , your company is just a joke. I’m amazed people stay on paid subscriptions. And yet again, someone had to come here and report the outage rather than you notifying your customers.


Yep… it’s certainly a good thing that Vox is cheap! If it were any more expensive I (and I’m sure a lot more customers!) would be gone quick sharp… not working for me either… please let us know when the service will be up and running again…



Right, I’m outta here as paid subscriber. I’d gladly pay way more per month if only the service was stable and reliable. I’ve never used such a shoddy service that charges a fee. The servers are down more than they’re up.

I’m off to Tidal. It’s way more expensive but at least it’s reliable.

I urge everyone on a paid cloud storage subscription to cancel and go somewhere else. Once VOX start losing money, then they will listen.



We keep continually upgrading your server infrastructure, usually, it doesn`t influence our users, but, unfortunately, sometimes we may still face this kind of unexpected synchronization breakdown, like this one.

Our do their best to get everything back online in the shortest time possible.

Thanks for your understanding.


Good news everyone, seems like everything has been fixed by now.


it’s down again after you said it fixed


It can be hard to get VOX working after a downtime of their servers. In my experience, a restart of the computer or logging out and in may help.


Can’t confirm that. Everything is working on my device right now. If the issue still persists, please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!

In normal conditions, re-start of VOX app or waiting a couple of minutes for the sync routine should help to re-establish a “fresh” connection between the app and the server.


:clap: :clap: :clap:


Why you guys fail to give notice of maintenance is beyond me…
you have a push notification system in place that you could use to notify of an upcoming/beginning maintenance, even if you expect it not to affect the users, it’s clearly been the case that it has affected users.
and Heck, you could open a maintenance thread in this forum and include in the notification something like:
we expect the user experience not to be affected, however, if you do experience any issues during the maintenance please let us know in the related thread.

So that you can check off any issues and avoid your forum accumulating topics with titles like: ‘Server Dead Again?’


Thanks for your post!

It appeared unexpectedly, and hopefully, it wouldn`t happen again. However, we will try to do our best to predict and eliminate such cases in the future. In the worst case - we wil make sure to inform all of you about the issue in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding on this matter.