Requested refund two times - no answer yet


Dear Vox admins,

I have asked for a refund 2 times already; I have opened two tickets and still no actions seen, just asking me to standby…

First request : 15506 (January 20th)

Hi ,

I see your point ; thanks for letting me know!

For the time being I would like to request a refund since it does not suit my requirements of streaming ;

Thanks a lot,

Second Request : 15802 (January 23rd), which I had an answer :

Hi Niko,

Thanks for reaching out!

I will make sure all the information to be passed to the person in charge.

Please stand by.

We’re here and always glad to help, Sincerely Viktor, VOX Team


I am ensured that our financial dept. is dealing with it just right now, but if you would like to hear more details from our support desk on that matter, just follow them up!

You will get the most recent information from them as soon as possible!


Hi support team,

Thanks for your answer,

Usually, when a customer asks for a refund, there is a confirmation mail for his/her request after 3-7 working days. Since I haven’t received any of that yet, I realized that this is something that you should at least conceptually consider to change. Hence my message

I am very confident that you will soon arrange this for me.
Thanks !



I still don’t have an update on the refund. What is going on ?


Thanks for your post!

Probably our tech. support have already sent you a reply, but it got to the spam folder, we would suggest checking the spam folder. Also please try following up on the support ticket associated with your request to get an update.


Sorry but I have not :frowning:


Still waiting guys…