Replay Gain Not Working?


I read that Vox Player reads the replay gain info from files, so was expecting normalized volume. When I play my files, that have replay gain and soundcheck info, in the Apple music app they are all well normalized… when I play those same files in Vox I get a lot of volume fluctuation from song to song. Is the replay gain feature not working? Is it reading the track replay gain? If so, it needs to use the album replay gain.



This feature is not introduced yet. We are really working forward to have it developed and added to VOX, ASAP.


Ok… thank you for the info. I look forward to seeing this important feature added to VOX.


Given the excellent quality of your Resampler and Dither algorithms, and how volume adjustment might be best done at 32-bit float, this really would be a huge win for you to add. I love the output your iOS app provides for my 24/96 and 24/192 recordings. It’s as good or better than the results I get from generating 16/48 ALAC files with iZotope RX, which is saying something. The lack of ReplayGain does leave me stuck when mixing commercial digital recordings a more dynamic older recordings, though.

PLEASE make this a priority. I’m surprised it’s taking this long, given that I’d expect resample and dither to be far more difficult to implement than gain adjustment.



Thanks for your post.

Yes, this feature is already one of the most prioritised tasks for VOX team, however, we got a lot of other things to do and that is why it takes so long for the team to finish this task.

Currently, we suggest using a sound normaliser apps to edit your music files, before uploading them to VOX Cloud. Sure, this process may take some time, but that is how you can improve your listening experience, while we are waiting for the Replay Gain feature to be introduced in VOX app.


Most people who have carefully put together a hi quality music library will not want to alter their files with a normalizer, which is why we use replay gain.

Would like to hear more details on the most high priority features you have coming up.