Rename artist and edit metadata in Vox cloud



I have few artist and album names I would like to change. Files are stored in Vox cloud. Is there a way to rename those files and/or edit the meta data?




Unfortunately, there is no such feature introduced in VOX player yet!

But I will collect your request and we may consider adding it in future. To be true, we are already working on it! Once done, you will have all the tools you need to create Hi-Res audio collection with an unlimited room for your music files using VOX!

Also, I suggest you may find this topic helpful: How to tag files properly


I would really like to second this.

To be able to rename and organise my Vox library would make me use it more. I have ended up with some poor library organisation due to improper tags I guess.


I really hate having to delete music from the cloud and go through the hassle of letting everything re-sync. Would love fixing things in the Cloud!



We have the same problems you do… that is why we are developing multiple solutions for this kind of problems.

The development of a full-screen stand-alone version of VOX app, with a Playback, Collection\Library management tools, and other Audio Tweaks will be introduced in the new version. We are looking forward to sharing the BETA soon.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any feedback you can provide, all cases are collected and really help us to notice extra details and prioritize tasks.


Just following up with this. Is there a BETA out with these features currently?


Hi guys, is there any new about this topic? I would like to have this feature


Thanks for following up!

We are planning to include this feature in a new cross-platform app that is coming soon.

Keep an eye on VOX and we will make sure you get a beta version as soon as it will be released.


Is there a release date for the beta? You was talking about a beta “soon” in Dec '18, we are now in Jul '20… What’s going on?


I’ve got an issue whereby the band ‘Rush’ has the image of Jennifer Rush in my database. How can I get round this?


Any news on the metadata front?


I like to +1 for this feature too. I have a directory on Vox Cloud that displays as Untitled Album, Untitled Artist


And another request for this, this time four years after the initial request here. I can’t even name artist and album within my VOX application on my Mac. Is it really that hard to just enable the users to doubleclick on “Untitled Artist” and “Untitled Album” in order to rename? Come on, it’s 2022. :wink: