Please help


I’ve Recently purchased a subscription and downloaded Vox, I sent a new topic earlier but no-one has replied, my app just keeps crashing shortly after launch I I’m running it on an iPhone 10 max and have the latest iOS and Vox app version installed. I really need some help.


Thanks for reporting!

Please share some details:

VOX version + OS version?
Did it happen once or multiple times?
Can you describe the steps for us to reproduce this happening?

And finally, did you try to re-install the VOX app?


Vox version 2.3.15
iOS. 12.4.1
I have a logged in Vox account
The airplane mode for Vox is off
I have Vox cloud enabled
I only have my iTunes library linked
No other services are linked
All I do I start the app, it works for about 1/2 minuet then freezes and crashes.
It says “loading” at the top the entire time
iTunes in menu says “loading”
I’ve reinstalled the app twice, and restarted my phone as well