Play stops on iPhone not on iPad


Sorry if this has been addressed - during playback on iPhone - it will always stop after about 30 second once the phone goes dark - however - on the iPad I get continuous play no matter if the app is open and active - or minimized and the iPad is in sleep mode. Any ideas as to what would cause this or a fix? If I set the app on the phone to stay awake and active it does not happen - but is a serious battery drain.


Thanks for your post!

Few questions to intensify the conditions:

What iOS versions do you have on your iOS and iPad?
What output do you use for streaming to, when the playback stops after you lock the device, AirPlay, SONOS or use a wire, or maybe an internal speakers?
What music source do you use for playback when it happens? VOX Cloud, iTunes, Local tracks, SoundCloud, Radio, YT, Spotify?