Pathetic Software and service


Oh my god, this is SO bad.
The uploader is worst ever, I have a uploader that launcher a wmic.exe every time a file is uploaded.
These guys cannot figure it out…

I highly suggest, head on to iBroadcast which gives this same service for FREE>…


VOX Uploader is going through the open beta testing and we appreciate your participation.

Our dev.tea is working on improving the software, so you can expect more improvements in future updates!


My app has suddenly started crashing. I can’t open it! It will immediately close itself again. This just started tonight. I tried turning my phone off and back on, deleting and re-installing but it’s not working. Please fix this!!
It’s one thing to be in development, a whole other to have a paid product that simply doesn’t work!


Hi, Thanks for contacting us! Please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!


What is the point of having a forum if you’re going to give answers like that? Someone takes time out of their day to post an issue on YOUR forum and you respond by telling them to do it all over again via another medium? Seriously, wtf???


This seems to be the typical Apple attitude I’ve experienced over the years. Since these guys are heavily Mac biased it’s no surprise.


Thanks for your posts!

If you are facing any difficulties with the service, we would appreciate some details shared with our tech. support desk

We would need to collect some information about the issue to get it reproduced in our test conditions in order to be fixed.

As we’ve mentioned above VOX Uploader is a beta version, and we would appreciate receiving all your reports so we could get it working properly on various devices!


The Upload function is complete garbage… not workable for large collection. Library / controls … NO FUNCTION at all so not possible to view and manage large collection. HELP/ SUPPORT … worthless … despite premium fee service. Just look at responses given on forum…tech support desk ?? Great marketing though !!


Thanks for your post!

As for the upload functionality:

Please indicate what VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
Have you tried using VOX Uploader (beta) app for uploading purposes? VOX Uploader comes equipped with an option to see what has been uploaded and what is in the upload queue, also it is better optimized for uploading large collections.


Typical Vox “support” response. In response to a posting here start asking numerous questions one at a time, keep deflecting to the Support function, which gives you in a day or two an email from someone asking if you have a problem using Vox. This person will keep asking questions rather than addressing any of them.


iBroadcast is def not the same, its only web based, requires internet…
VOX is also an Offline music player, huge difference.