No album or artist view?


I have the latest version of Vox (3.3.17) and regardless of what I do it just lists every song, if I change the view or what albums are listed by, nothing changes I just have 13000 songs as one long list


Thanks for your post!

VOX app will build a hierarchy tree based on id3 tags, in iTunes, or in VOX Cloud tab.
Where you can sync your local (former iTunes) library or your VOX Cloud library.

It will be displayed like:

  • Artist
    • Album
      • Track

When you drag&drop your music to the Playlist tab in the VOX app, your music will be displayed as a list of tracks.

We believe that Playlist tab is an essential functionality for any music player and which makes VOX app minimalistic and simple music player!

You can simply Drag&drop files from anywhere in your system to start playback or quickly make a playlist, it has made for those users who want it to be that easy!


On the other hand, we are getting plenty of requests for local library management tools and we consider introducing such functionality in a new cross-platform app, with a fullscreen mode, that will be more iTunes alike while keeping VOX Music Player minimalistic, yet powerful music player for your Mac!