My Download is stuck and is making no progress



This is the 2nd time this has happened to me if this is not fixed i may not renew ya’ll got potential but if this is going to continue it’s not worth it

I also can’t log out and every time i uninstall and do it back it continues


Can’t even upload on the website gives me an error


Is Support gonna even respond to this issue or is it gonna get slept under the rug?


I am having the same problem - I end up with a folder of 60 or so files and folders and exe files but nothing responds. I signed up as I need some relaxation not more stress. When an app won’t load then what else can it do reliably. I have a Premium subscription for several days and have tried everything I know of to just get the Universal or the Premium player to do something. Also, I do not see anywhere at VOX or online - can you import entire CDs or FOLDERs into upload? I have been unable to find an answer after several hours. I understand Ukraine has big issues and this is trivial. Still, it would be nice if this worked easily and not just words about how easy it is.