Music stops playing randomly, only reinstall or reboot helps


Thanks a lot for your information posted here!

Glad to hear that you have found a way to beat it, looks like a solid workaround!

I will make sure it reaches the and they will investigate what triggers the Privat Relay to prevent VOX from streaming.


You are awesome! It fixed my issue as well!

Much appreciated:)


It’s been 4 months, I would really like this to be fixed ASAP, if it helps, when rebooting the iPhone and using Private Relay, it plays like 2 songs before it stop loading new ones, also, you can download songs over cloud relay, but not stream them. You can also probably find the public IP’s of iCloud to whitelist them.

Please make sure to fix this asap, it would be very great to be able to use VOX and private relay together.

Thanks you :slight_smile: