Maddeningly slow upload speeds on Mac Player


It always seems to work like this: I upload about 20 albums at 1GB+ speeds, then it slows down to 150mbps and never recovers for subsequent albums.



Totally agree, the old app is becoming unbelievably slow on a Mac Book Pro running Big Sur. And I don’t even remember when was the last update or whether version 3.3.19 will be supported in the future at all. Our best bet is the new universal version, but right now it’s just not ready for prime time…


3.3.19 is going to be released already in a week! We’ve made a solid upgrade to the Collections section in this update, looking forward to your feedback!

We will keep updating the macOS version, along with the iOS and new cross-platform beta!


Any news on new Mac player as indicated above? Also what happened with the player last night? It would not upload artwork and displayed incorrect artwork across many of my albums.

Seems resolved this morning but why would it do that?


I don’t think I am noticing any improvements regarding loading times with the new 3.4 version, still very slow.