Library management in Vox


I see that library management is something of a hot topic…

I’m interested enough in what Vox has to offer to contemplate signing up for Premium. But the lack of library management, even the facility to simply browse so you can decide what to play, is a deal breaker. There is Collections, of course, but I plan to use Vox mostly for classical music, and the fact that Collections doesn’t preserve folder structure means that everything is just thrown in higgledy-piggledy. Useless when you’re talking about playing symphonies or concertos in sequence. I could set up a collection for each work, of course, but where do I browse to find them?

Am I missing something? I see that something along the lines of iTunes has been promised in the past. Is it nearly here?



You better find alternative solutions if you want a proper library management, with vox it is a pain in the a## and they absolutely dont care about that, you will see in the forum this topic is recurrent, 4-5 years and no reaction for vox only that: if you want to change a name, a letter, please remove the whole album and reupload again…oh yes uploading can be also a pain in the a##…sometimes it works well sometimes not.


Indeed, it is a shame that the smartest way to edit anything in the album is to remove and re-add.

It’s about time we’d have more control over our libraries.


Thanks for your posts.

We are currently finishing a beta version of the cross-platform app, that might be used for uploading, editing Album\Artist\Track names and deleting your music from VOX Cloud.


One thing that would help is organising albums by date added. This function is available for iOS but not on MacOS. I’ve been asking for this functionality ages ago. They would “consider” this. I think this is basic for a music app and couldn’t be too hard to implement.


We need these SOON! or you are going to lose customers… including me… very dissappointing so far…


Not to pile on, but as I begin to upload my music collection to Vox Cloud it would be very helpful to see the collections grouped by album, or at least show me the collections that I’ve already added an individual album to.


Vox is unusable on Mac for me without library management for my 2TB collection on my NAS. Would love to use it (and I do when I just need to listen to a track), but as a music player without local library management and search - unusable.

No way am I going to support a 2TB duplicate library in Vox’s cloud.

Would love to have Vox as a hi res player on my Mac, but only if there’s a real embedded or 3rd party library management system. Shouldn’t be that tough


Agreed. Any resolution from VOX?