Large Library iOS (iPhone)


I am using Vox 2.4.1 and am trying to put my large collection of songs on my iphone via the file transfer method. I’ve copied over about 135 gig of songs, and after about 35-40 minutes the list of songs populates with my music. Unfortunately, if I close and reload the app it only shows itunes songs and not the file transfer songs and begins scanning the folders again (locking the UI).

Does Vox not store the list of scanned uploaded songs between launches? If so does it need to be left running longer? The second time it started loading I left the device unlocked with Vox on the screen for a few hours and it still didn’t persist across sessions.


Thanks for your post!

Unfortunately, as for now, this is the expected behavior of the VOX app. VOX app needs so know if some new music has been imported and to do that, VOX initiates a recalculation process on the startup.

Hopefully, we will introduce a more intelligent way to manage that in future updates.

As an alternative solution, I can purpose using VOX Cloud as a music source, in this case, all calculations are done on our servers and the app will not become overwhelmed while recalculating a huge massive of music on each startup.