Issues with uploading "Intro" tracks


For the last couple years I have the same issue: if the album has a track called “Intro” in most cases it’s just not being uploaded neither by dropping the folder into player nor by clicking on “Add files to Vox cloud”



Thanks for reaching out!

Which OS and VOX version are you referring to?
Did you try to re-login to VOX app with your VOX account and try to upload only the “Intro” track?


macOS Mojave 10.14.1 (18B75)
Vox 3.3.6.

I’ve already uploaded the file via web interface ( But I have this problem for the last couple years with different versions of MacOS and VOX.

Another issue that these intro tracks are being replaced sometimes by other Intro track (e.g. I upload Album 1 with the 1st track called “Intro”, then I play one of the previously uploaded albums by some other artist and the 1 track called “Intro” plays the one from the Album 1). To fix that I had to remove both albums and re-upload them. Had this problem multiple times.