Is the service down?


Can’t access my account page, or listen to music on my MAC, can listen to some music on iPhone, but most albums and songs say can’t connect to server. The same with the iPad app. It’s been like that the entire day, about 18 hours.


I can access my music but I can’t upload any files.


Everything should be fixed by now, thanks for your patience!

Please advise if you have some problems with the VOX service at the moment?


Everything was fixed, thanks!

Now I just need the iPad App to output 96khz, becuase right now it tops at 48Khz, the iPhone and Mac apps work great.


Still having major problems - I have hundreds of albums missing from my collection and not getting any answers to my help requests.


Please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!


Already done that and they replied 7 hours ago. I’m still missing over 1000 albums!