How can I delete files from VOX Cloud without Mac?


Just as in title. I do not have a Mac, only iPhone+Windows PC. How can I delete files?



Currently, we have no such option introduced on iOS devices, BUT you can manage your VOX Cloud Library using VOX on MacOS device!

We are really determined and working on a multiplatform app to make it possible on PC and iOS. Hope we will take an opportunity to share our progress with you very soon!

Please contact us directly to proceed with your request:


Hello, I am asking how I can do it without Mac and you tell me I can do it from Mac? THAT would be a very helpful information to know. Could you give me then a used MacBook?

I do not even need a Windows app or iPhone app to do this. Any other cloud services–even iCloud–has ways to delete files from a web browser. Why can’t VOX Cloud behave like other cloud storage?