Freezes, crashes


Latest version of Vox on iphone 8 plus ios 13.1.2

Open the app, freezes, then after a while crashes. This happens 90% of the time.

Seems to pull album artwork out of nowhere. I see artwork that I don’t have anywhere, not embedded in my files or as a jpg or anything. Consequently, seems to be missing a lot of artwork for things I actually HAVE embedded in the mp3 file… EVERYTHING shows perfectly fine on the native Music app, but Vox just wants to do its own thing, and fails at it miserably.

And you want people to pay for it?? Please.


I have been harping on these people to finally release things they have said for YEARS they are working on. They have no way for me to pull my entire library out either. I have well over a TB of FLACs up in their cloud. I’m super grateful for the unlimited music storage, but most of the necessary metadata features like sorting by genre, etc make the app almost useless for someone with a library as large as mine (30k+ songs). The app is useless on the iPad as well. I use the iPad Pro as my main workstation and the app on iPadOS is garbage. The only thing that works is I can still listen to my hi res music over USB-C but that’s it. I am very frustrated with this group of people. Their response to me on Facebook just made lose more faith in them.



Thanks for your post!

Please specify what VOX version do you have installed on your Vox on iPhone 8 plus (iOS 13.1.2)?

To check VOX app`s version:

Start VOX and go to the Main menu and use the overscroll to make version info appear.

Are the music files you’ve mentioned uploaded to VOX Cloud, or stored locally on your iOS device?
Did you use the file sharing feature or iTunes sync to get this files to VOX?



Thanks for reaching out!

Its a great pity for us to hear that. Unfortunately, we don`t have enough magic power to make it all happen that fast, as you demand :frowning:

All I can do is to make sure you will be enough the first to get your hands on new betas (both iPad and the Windows app).

Hope we will be able to share them soon.


Not sure if that was supposed to be a snarky response or what, but that was uncalled for. unlike the other people who post here, I am going to continue to hold your feet to the fire until you release this mythical beta that you keep saying exists, but yet, NO ONE has seen. ! I think someone as myself can start to really press on issues when you REFUSE to release features that we have been asking for, FOR YEARS. JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY. There is 0 way in hell it is any less unstable that what we already have.


I’ve had the same issue with my iPhone X (iOS 13.1.2), have the VOX 2.3.17 version and it freezes and crashes every single time.
I have almost all my music on VOX Cloud, but my fav’s are downloaded and not even when in ‘airplane mode’ does it not crash … HELP


Hi, Thanks for contacting us! Please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!